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The Major-Focused Model

Our current general education program allows students to meander through their general education courses in ways that don’t help them see the connection between those courses and their chosen major.  This model helps make those connections crystal clear.

This program is 39 credit hours.


12 credit hours/one of each of the following:

  • A writing intensive course
  • A QR course
  • A composition course
  • A foundational math course.

Academic approaches

18 credit hours/one in each of the following and two more in at least two of either the arts, humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences. There should be no more than two courses in a given sub-area.  Additionally, a student may not take two courses in a sub-area in which they are pursuing a major:

  • A course in the arts
  • A humanities course
  • A natural sciences course
  • A social sciences course

Cultural understanding

9 credit hours one of each of the following:

  • A course on discrimination
  • A course on racism/cultural diversity
  • A course on global citizenship

In all cases except for the composition course and the foundational math course, students will consult with their advisors to select courses relevant to their major.  This will require cross-college conversations for various disciplines to think about what offerings will be relevant to other majors.