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Curriculum Information and Resources

The resources listed on this page serve as navigational tools for CMU’s curricular processes as established by the CMU Academic Senate and identified in the Curriculum Authority Document.  The resources listed are not intended to substitute the policies outlined in the Curriculum Authority Document nor any other academic policies approved by the Academic Senate.  

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support is also available to assist with the development of curricular initiatives and the expansion of opportunities for students that reinforce CMU’s commitment to a student-focused learning environment.  

Curriculum calendar of meetings and deadlines

Whether proposing new curriculum or modifying existing curriculum, planning appropriately is the key to ensuring timely implementation. In addition to meeting schedules and curriculum deadlines, the curriculum calendar provides helpful information such as setting curriculum priorities per semester, notification of curriculum training opportunities, and other key considerations. 

Curriculum Authority Document (CAD) and CAD archives 

The Curriculum Authority Document (CAD) serves as an authoritative reference and guide for the efficient and effective preparation, submission, and review of curricular proposals.  The materials provided through the above link include the current CAD version approved by the Academic Senate.  Users may also review previous versions of the CAD and find a Word document for use in proposing edits to the CAD through the Academic Senate. 

Submitting curriculum proposals  

Users must submit curriculum proposal forms in the Watermark Curriculum Strategy System.  If you are a new or a current user interested in learning more about navigating curriculum system, the following resource is provided for assistance: