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The way that you present information is just as important as the content you are presenting. Our staff is here to assist you with creating high-impact presentations designed to engage, inform, and inspire action.

Is PowerPoint Dead? Constructing a "Good" Presentation

Delivering a powerful presentation involves much more than adding bullets to a series of PowerPoint slides. While PowerPoint is one of the most prolific presentation tools, it is also one of the tools most abused by its users. There are things that PowerPoint does very well. There are other things for which it should never be used! Keep reading for five quick tips and techniques that can help to rescue your students or audiences from "death by PowerPoint" and in the process show that PowerPoint (and other presentation tools like Prezi) is still alive and can be used well. Learn more about constructing a good presentation.

Presentation Assistance

Giving a presentation – an effective presentation – is a combination of speaking skills, connecting with your audience, knowing your material, applying instructional design principles to organize and present your information, and the hard decisions of what to present via text and image on screen. Whether you are just beginning your teaching career, or are a seasoned presenter who desires to improve and build upon their skills, our Graphic Design presentation specialist can help you to craft meaningful, engaging, and effective presentations. Request assistance from our DesignPro team (CMICH login required).

Adding Interactivity

Classroom/Audience Response Systems are effective tools that can impact a presentation in a very positive way. The CMU community is embracing this technology in a big way these days. Learn how to create presentations that will allow you to increase classroom interaction, obtain real-time feedback, drive discussion, gather demographic info, deliver quizzes, survey groups, vote and more. Learn more about Class Response Systems