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Research Poster Templates

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support provides a number of ways to help you create professional-quality research posters. The templates on this page provide a good starting point as you begin building your poster. Our posters come in a variety of sizes and use approved CMU colors and standard system fonts to reduce discrepancies in appearance between Mac and PC programs.

We will be adding new templates in the coming months. If you do not find what you are looking for here, or would like to request a custom template, please contact our DesignPro team (CMU Login required). Custom-built templates in various sizes and alternate programs will be added to this page as they become available.   

PowerPoint research posters

PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used formats for poster creation at CMU. Most faculty computers have PowerPoint installed, and faculty are familiar with the program. We have created a basic poster template in several sizes to get you started. 

These templates are customizable, and you may need to adjust the placement and size of elements to accommodate your content. For assistance in adjusting the template to fit your needs, please contact our DesignPro team (CMU Login required).

PowerPoint Research Poster Templates
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