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Past-Due Accounts

​​​Central Michigan University issues monthly billing statements online via QuikPAY.  Notifications are sent by email when a bill is ready for review. Students are responsible for accessing their QuikPAY accounts and/or monthly statements for current balance and due date information. 

Past-due accounts may be referred to a collection agency. If referred, up to 28% in collection fees and all applicable legal fees will be added to the balance and it will be reported to the credit bureaus. 

Financial holds

The following services may be suspended due to a delinquent account: 

  • Course registration
  • Official transcript orders
  • Campus ID charging privileges

CMU reserves the right to drop students from future courses and to suspend campus ID privileges at any time due to a past-due balance. Suspended privileges may include, but are not limited to: meal plan, computer lab, library, bookstore, flex, Student Activity Center (SAC), and telecom.

Late fees

Payments are applied to the oldest charges on an account first. Late fees will be assessed as follows when the statement balance is not paid by 5:00 p.m. EST on a scheduled due date:

Account balanceLate fees
$0.01 - $9.99No late fee
$10.00 - $59.99$1.00 per month
$60.00 - $99.99$30.00 per month
$100.00 and up$50.00 per month

Non-payment of tuition 

If any portion of a past due balance includes tuition on a published tuition due date, a $100 non-payment of tuition fee will be assessed in addition to the late payment charge.  

Returned checks

A $25.00 handling fee is charged for paper and electronic checks returned unpaid by the bank (such as for insufficient funds and closed accounts) which were presented to the university. Students may be involuntarily withdrawn from classes if returned payments intended to cover tuition and/or past-due balances are not repaid as directed by notice from the university. In addition, if payment is not received within five business days, CMU may pursue legal action, seek prosecution and/or assign the account to a collection agency. 

Important fall semester information

Students registered for the fall semester with a past-due balance of $200 or greater on August 1st will be removed from all future courses. Federal aid regulations prevent the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid from disbursing current-year aid to pay prior-year charges. Student Account Services and University Billing will communicate with students at risk of removal following the issuing of July billing statements.

Paying a past-due balance

We're here to help! Please contact us to discuss options for getting your account back on track when unexpected circumstances arise.