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IRB Review Fees

Effective September 6, 2023, all research involving human subjects in which IRB review fees may be charged has been updated and expanded.  If the review is conducted by a CMU IRB, either at Mt Pleasant or at Children's Hospital of Michigan, the following fees apply:

Industry Sponsored or Supported by Commercial or For-Profit Entities*

Initial Submission - CMU Full Board Review$2800
Initial Submission - CMU Expedited Review$2800
Initial Submission - CMU Exempt Review$250
Continuing Review - CMU Full Board Review$1000
Continuing Review/Status Check- CMU Expedited Review$500
Status Check - CMU Exempt Review$250
Amendment - CMU Full Board Review                              $500
Amendment - CMU Exempt Review$500

Reliance Agreement- CMU Ceded Oversight*

Reliance Agreement - Initial Submission Review$1500
Reliance Agreement - Annual Maintenance Fee$800

These fees are for review and do not guarantee approval of the research; must be paid before CMU begins the review process, are nonrefundable, not included in any administrative overhead fee charged by the CMU Office of Sponsored Programs, and consistent with fees charged by other research universities.

Investigators should take these fees into account when proposing research to external sponsors.

The Vice President for Research and Innovation is authorized to reduce, or waive completely, the IRB review fee for a grant or contract with a total direct cost of $10,000.

IRB review fees DO NOT apply to research sponsored by an agency of the US government, non-profit organizations, and internally funded research.

For further information, contact

* Fees reflect direct cost line items only and are not inclusive of applicable indirect costs.

Updated 1/19/2024