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Unusual Enrollment History

An Unusual Enrollment History flag occurs when you receive Federal Aid funding from multiple institutions. The Department of Education will review Federal Aid disbursement information for the past four award years for all FAFSA filers. They will assign a "UEH flag" of N, 2, or 3 to your FAFSA.

UEH flags

  • N = there is no unusual enrollment history; no action is required.
  • 2 = indicates an unusual enrollment history which requires a review of the student's enrollment records to determine if Central Michigan University must collect additional information about the student's prior enrollment
  • 3 = Indicates that the institution MUST review the academic records for the student.

If your Student Aid Report from FAFSA has assigned a UEH flag of 2 or 3, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Unusual Enrollment History form
  2. Print your Grant and Loan history from the National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS) website, For instructions on accessing this material, please follow this link to our Unusual Enrollment History Quick Help Document.
  3. If you submitted transcripts for the schools you attended during the previous four (4) Academic Years with your admission materials please indicate this on the Unusual Enrollment History form. If you did NOT submit transcripts for the schools you attended during the years in question please obtain transcripts/grade reports and submit them with the Unusual Enrollment History Form and your NSLDS history.
  4. Submit all of the above to our office for review.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial aid will review your official transcripts for academic credit. If you failed to earn academic credit at the institutions for the four (4) previous years, you may be ineligible to receive federal aid for the current academic year. If you failed to earn academic credit and are deemed ineligible for Federal Aid based on this information, you do have the option to appeal the loss of aid. Appeals will only be considered for those with serious documentable mitigating circumstances. Please contact us for further details regarding appeals.

If you have not received academic credit and you do not have an appealable mitigating circumstance you may choose to pay for your education at Central Michigan University with scholarships and other loans. Please visit our Alternative Loan and Scholarship web pages for more information.

Students whose federal aid eligibility is denied due to Unusual Enrollment History may be re-considered for federal student aid after enrolling for two academic terms and not dropping or withdrawing from any courses after the term begins and also maintaining Satisfactory Progress according to the University's definition.

Please note that no financial aid package will be produced until we can confirm your federal aid eligibility.