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Campus Resources

​​​​Confidential campus resources

Confidential resources like SAPA, on-campus health professionals, and ordained clergy, are not obligated to report disclosures given to them of any experience with sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and harassment.  This allows you to explore options in a non-pressure environment in order to make informed decisions.  Except in rare or extreme circumstances, nothing will be shared without your explicit permission or a court order.

Non-confidential campus resources

Non-confidential resources like the CMU Police or the CMU Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity, are required by the university or by law to report incidents and take disciplinary, legal or other action accordingly.

    Sponsored by the Office of Residence Life, the CARE Advocate Program places licensed mental health professionals directly in the residence halls. Their mission is to provide free consultation, support, crisis intervention, and proactive prevention efforts addressing mental health issues and to act as a bridge to other CMU programs that support personal growth and academic progress of students. CARE Advocates are available at the following campus locations:

    • East Student Success Center – Saxe - Herrig - Celani lobby, (989) 774-3942
    • South Student Success Center – Merrill - Sweeney breezeway, (989) 774-3089
    • Towers Student Success Center– Kesseler lobby, (989) 774-6601

    Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity