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Doctor of Health Administration

Program Overview

Are you already in the health administration field and want to take your knowledge, skills, and proficiency to the next level? The Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) degree will prepare you to be an effective health care leader with deep knowledge in many key areas. With a combined online and intensive face-to-face two and a half-day seminars, you'll gain hands-on expertise and added convenience.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time, Part-Time
Location: Online
Program Length: You can select either a 3 years or 5 years program
Credit Hours: 63

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

The DHA degree at Central Michigan University is designed for health care leaders eager to research and collaborate to solve real-world health care challenges. You'll gain an advanced academic, relevant, and professionally-oriented education. You'll combine theoretical foundations with applied skills and practical expertise. It's the ideal base for senior leadership positions within the health care industry.

This program is delivered in a cohort format. You'll study research and work alongside a close-knit group of senior-level managers from a variety of health care disciplines and organizations. Together you will:

  • Learn theoretical foundations, applied skills, and practical expertise required for leadership positions within the healthcare industry.
  • Impart and advance skills that foster life-long learning.
  • Investigate and test practices and operational models via data/evidence-based strategies.
  • Look to report new findings within the healthcare field.

This balanced program course of study is delivered in a sequence of:

  • Fifteen internet-based courses.
  • Six intensive face-to-face, two-and-a-half-day seminars.
  • A general comprehensive examination.
  • An applied research dissertation.

Program Highlights

With a doctorate in health administration, you'll:

  • Expand your knowledge of leadership, change management, influence strategies and planning processes.
  • Sharpen your skills in human interaction and communication at both the individual and organizational levels.
  • Explore health communication, health care delivery models and economics, informatics, policies and compliance, and information technology.
  • Deepen your expertise in qualitative, quantitative and research methods to evaluate and apply decision-making concepts.
  • Broaden your experience with contemporary human resource issues including diversity, poverty, human rights, sexism, racism and unionization.
  • Learn about the role of values and ethics in modern health care organizations.

Careers & Outcomes

This program is for senior health administration professionals working in their field and seeking deeper knowledge and skills for greater career opportunities.

Career Projected Salary
Director of Case Management $101,990
Director of Surgical Service $96,109
Clinical Documentation Specialist $46,660
Clinical Supervisor/Manager $77,051
Medical and Health Services Manager $104,830
Hospital CFO $146,097
Professor of Healthcare Administration $110,303
Hospital Administrator $87,872

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