Biology: Microscopy

Program Overview

To unlock the deepest mysteries of life, you need to get close to your subject—really close. As a microscopy student, you'll learn to use the latest techniques and equipment to analyze samples at a cellular, and even atomic, level.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time
Location: On Campus
Program Length: 4 years
Credit Hours: 67 - 75

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

As a biologist, you'll ask the most basic—and most complex—questions about how organisms live and relate to their environment. In the microscopy concentration, you'll use advanced techniques to understand the mechanisms and processes that govern life. 

In addition to fundamental laboratory skills, you'll learn techniques to prepare samples and analyze images. You'll also become familiar with laser scanning and electron scanning and transmitting techniques. 

By the time you graduate, you'll have built a solid foundation in not just biology, but also chemistry and physics. Many students go on to pursue advanced degrees, or start careers in laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

Program Highlights

As a biology: microscopy major, you'll study at a program counted among the top 5% of research institutions in the country.

  • Our $95 million, 169,000-square-foot Biosciences Building is home to a dedicated Microscopy Facility. Equipment there includes Olympus and Nikon confocal laser scanning microscopes and a Hitachi 3400N-II scanning electron microscope.
  • We're the only university in Michigan to offer an undergraduate degree in microscopy.
  • Hands-on work is a vital part of the program. Before you graduate, you'll participate in an independent research project.

Careers & Outcomes

As a graduate of our biology: microscopy program, you'll get experience that qualifies you to work in a health-care setting, as well as in food processing, forensics and chemistry labs.

Career Projected Salary
Pathology Technologist $57,800
Embryologist $53,769
Medical Laboratory Scientist $67,703
Biological Technician $53,560
Histology Technicians $57,380
Nanotechnology Engineering Technologist/Technician $61,210
A researcher looks through a microscope.

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