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Major, Minor

Program Overview

Acquire skills in the German language and encounter the diversity of German culture. Connect German with other fields, such as music, philosophy, science, and the world of business. Immerse yourself in German through extensive study abroad opportunities, including our Federation scholarship that funds a full year abroad.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time, Part-Time
Location: On Campus
Program Length: 4 years (major), 3 years (minor)
Credit Hours: 20 - 33

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

Germany is a global powerhouse in science, technology, business, the arts and beyond. With more than 100 million native speakers worldwide, German is one of the 10 most spoken languages in the world and the second most commonly used in scientific research. Germans represent the largest ancestry group in the US; 1 in 6 Americans claims German heritage.

A major or minor in German gives you the skills to join the global conversation. In the classroom, you’ll gain a strong foundation in the language and culture of Germany. Beyond the classroom, in addition to extracurricular activities like Stammtisch Conversation Hour, you can immerse yourself in German culture and history by studying abroad in Berlin, Lüneburg or another German city for a summer, a semester or an entire year.

Your degree will give you an advantage when it comes to the job market. Germany is the largest foreign employer in Michigan, including companies like Volkswagen, Daimler, Bosch, Bayer Agriculture, and Siemens. Germany is the 4th largest investor and employer in the US economy and the US’s 5th largest trading partner. A German major is excellent preparation for careers in teaching, research, marketing, business, social work and more.

Program Highlights

As a German student at CMU, you’ll:

  • Receive personalized instruction and individual mentorship from dedicated German faculty.
  • Immerse yourself further in German language and culture by studying abroad in Berlin, Lüneburg, Bochum or another city, including the option for a full-ride, year-long scholarship to study in Germany at one of 22 Federation universities.
  • Get involved in German extracurriculars, such as Stammtisch Conversation Hour, the German Christmas Songfest, and excursions like visiting the Holocaust Memorial.
  • Have the opportunity to win scholarships for both on-campus and international study .
  • Prepare for an exciting career with international scope.

Careers & Outcomes

A German degree opens up countless career opportunities. Germany’s leadership in science, technology, arts, politics and economics means that there’s a high demand for professionals with German-language skills.

Career Projected Salary
College Professor/Instructor $80,840
Security/Defense Intelligence Analyst $79,409
Foreign Language Teacher $77,030
Marketing Specialist $63,920

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