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Leader Advancement Scholars in Merrill Hall

Fulfill your potential as a leader. As a resident in our Leader Advancement Scholars community, you’ll live and learn with classmates who will support and challenge you on your leadership journey.

Designed for recipients of our Leader Advancement Scholarships, the Leader Advancement Scholars community gives you opportunities to make connections, build your skills and learn to lead. For example:

  • Interact with nationally known speakers.
  • Participate in leadership training.

The Leader Advancement Scholars community is located in Merrill Hall, which features two-bedroom suites shared by four people.


To be eligible for the Leader Advancement Scholars community, you'll need to:

  • Have at least a 3.0 high school GPA.
  • Earn a Leader Advancement Scholarship.
  • Enroll in general education courses with a leadership emphasis.
  • Complete the Leader Advancement Scholarship Protocol.

How to apply

The first step is to apply for a Leader Advancement Scholarship. Then, apply for CMU housing. If you earn a scholarship, you will be placed in the Leader Advancement Scholars community.