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Routing: Faculty Member > Department Chair or Supervisor > Dean > Global Campus at Faculty Information Name: Campus ID: Global ID: Semester: Choose an item., o Appointments accepted by Employees from CMU’s Global Campus, which are not part of the normal workload, shall be compensated according to rates determined solely by Global Campus., Similarly, Global Campus solely shall determine the criteria by which appointment(s) shall be offered, • I understand that CMU may take whatever steps are necessary to ensure compliance with the terms of the collective bargaining Agreement under which my employment is governed, including making void any contract issued as a result of this application for supplemental assignment., Global Campus Form #138 – 8/18

CMU Ethics Hotline

Why do we need a system like NAVEX Global?, It is for such circumstances that we have partnered with NAVEX Global., We have carefully chosen the best reporting tool to meet our compliance obligations while maintaining a positive reporting environment., When you file a report at the NAVEX Global Web site or through the NAVEX Global Call Center, you receive a unique user name and are asked to choose a password., The NAVEX Global system is designed to protect your anonymity.

About Us

We foster intercultural understanding and global perspectives among the CMU community., We provide the following core services: Ensure regulatory compliance for CMU’s international students, scholars, and faculty., The Office of Global Engagement stands in solidarity with our BIPOC students, staff, faculty, and alumni., As international educators, our core mission is to foster intercultural understanding at home and in a larger global context., As part of our compliance obligations, we provide guidance on J-1-related matters.


Broadway 5:00 – 5:50 Meet with community members (City Commissioners, MidMichigan Community College, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and Tribal College, Isabella Township and Isabella County Commissioners, business owners, and alumni) 6:00 Team member dinner Tuesday, April 26, 2016 8:00 – 8:15 Travel to Campus or to Global Campus (team splits) 8:15 – 9:05 Area of Focus or Improvement A: Shared Governance – Lake Huron Room Distance Delivery Programs – Executive Conference Room at Global Campus 9:05 – 9:20 Break Return to main campus 9:30 – 10:20 Open Forum Discussion: Strengths and Weaknesses of Criterion 5 – Lake Huron Room Council of Deans w/out Provost – President’s Conference Room 10:30 – 11:20 Area of Focus or Improvement B: Global Campus – Lake Huron Room Federal Compliance Review – Warriner 210 11:20 – 11:40 Team preparation for exit meeting 11:45 - noon Exit Meeting – President Ross, Provost, Vice Provost, and HLC Leadership Team – Warriner 210 Visit ends and

International Students and Scholars

Top Searches Tuition & Financial Aid Advising Careers at CMU Housing Program Finder COVID-19 University Library Clark Historical Library Faculty & Staff Alumni My Account International Students and Scholars Office of Global Engagement Study Abroad IN THIS SECTION View All International Student and Scholar Services provide advising services to students and scholars at CMU on F, J, and other nonimmigrant visas., Our Mission The International Student and Scholar Services unit within the Office of Global Engagement advocates for the international community at Central Michigan University., By welcoming international students, scholars, faculty, and staff to CMU, we work to ensure their success at CMU while supporting and educating the international community on compliance with immigration regulations, cultural awareness, and acclimation to education within the United States.


Off-campus teaching appointments are processed through Global Campus., No Global Campus procedure may conflict with the terms of this policy. 7., Off-campus teaching assignments are processed through Global Campus., No Global Campus procedure may conflict with the terms of this policy., Supplemental assignment pay for an hourly (non-exempt) employee must ensure compliance with overtime regulations. 3.'s-division/general-counsel/administrative-policy-docs/3/p03015334a7c93-a95e-4c2a-bc19-81e626f0c35f.pdf?sfvrsn=57fa2fa2_3


An alternate/preferred/chosen name will appear instead of the Legal Name in the CMU online directory, on CMU ID cards (along with a global ID), on all Blackboard or other CMU-supported Learning Management Systems, all degree auditing reports, class rosters, internal scheduling systems, and other systems employed by the University for conducting essential business functions as appropriate., To ensure accurate records, individuals should routinely identify themselves if using an alternate/preferred/chosen name, and when identifying, referring to, or requesting about others should use that individual’s alternate/preferred/chosen name, as well as that individual’s global ID, if appropriate., PLACES WHERE LEGAL NAME MUST BE USED:  Contracting and Purchasing  Official Notice of Admission to the University  Official Employment Notifications  Bills, Student Account Statements  Financial Aid Records  Verification Requests and Enrollment Enquiries  Official transcripts  Immigration Documents  Police Records  Medical and Insurance Records  Student Conduct Records  Payroll  Professional Licensure Records  Student Disability Services Records  Compliance with Subpoenas  Compliance reporting for internal and external auditing processes,  Compliance reporting requirements as mandated by the State of Michigan,  Compliance reporting requirements as mandated by authorized entities of the United States Government.'s-division/general-counsel/administrative-policy-docs/3/p03052f8190573-b035-4026-90e1-3c6737784357.pdf?sfvrsn=cd5dab78_3

CMU MHA Student Handbook (9-2021)

Compliance Students will demonstrate the ability to understand and use best practices within healthcare to ensure services are delivered effectively and efficiently in compliance with laws and regulations, while also ensuring value-based decision making. 8., For Global Campus and CMU Online classes, registration, drop, and withdrawal dates see drop-withdraw.aspx., • State of Michigan Employees receive a discount of 15%., • Veteran Application Fee Waiver., CMU global IDs and email accounts/addresses are given to all students.


Create and nurture an environment that attracts and retains students, faculty and staff who embody and promote cultural, racial and global diversity. 5., CMU must prepare its students to be culturally competent so that they are able to live and work in a diverse, global society., Priority two, diversity and global perspectives, echoes the need for cultural competency., Achieving our mission to prepare all CMU students for a diverse workforce and global marketplace begins with this basic element., The Affirmative Action Office addresses compliance with the law in terms of hiring and promotion and investigates discrimination cases.'s-division/institutional-diversity/20210929-strategicplan-001dc230335-9db9-44be-b6bb-c61da4053a7f.pdf?sfvrsn=4f58d969_3


For more information on CMU, please call 989-774-4000 or visit us on the Web at For more information on CMU’s online and satellite locations, please call 877-268-4636 or visit us on the Web at We make it possible., (see UComm 9063 DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science MAJOR: Environmental Health and Safety (minor optional) An Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Specialist is a professional who protects human health and the environment by overseeing compliance with local, state, and federal environmental health and safety regulations., Responsibilities of an EH&S Specialist include: developing written programs and training to comply with regulations; conducting inspections to ensure compliance with regulations; collecting and analyzing air, water, or soil samples for environmental hazards; and investigating EH&S concerns., For more information on CMU, please call 989-774-4000 or visit us on the Web at For more information on CMU’s online and satellite locations, please call 877-268-4636 or visit us on the Web at We make it possible.