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Schwander Anspach 034E 774-7467 Kathleen Woehrle Anspach 034D 774-1449 Part-Time Faculty Valerie Muniz Anspach 034G 774-2690 Selene Wadhawan Anspach 034B 774-2690 Executive Office Specialist, Social Work Program Jacqui Pridgeon Anspach 034 774-2690 Web Based: Blackboard Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Department (SSWA) Social Work Program Social Work Facebook E mail: Social Work Office Email 12 FULL-TIME FACULTY ADVISORS Susan Grettenberger, LMSW, MPA, Ph.D., Professor/Program Director Dr., Schwander, MSW, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Lissa Schwander joined CMU’s faculty in 2017., Kathleen Woehrle, MSW, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Kathleen Woehrle joined CMU’s faculty in 2014., For more information on CMU’s policy, please visit marijuana-central-michigan.aspx., CMU's Ongoing Efforts for Institutional Transformation are available here: UNIVERSITY POLICY ON SEXUAL MISCONDUCT Central Michigan University is committed to equal educational and employment opportunity and to the elimination of all forms of prohibited discrimination.