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New Procedure for Reviewing Applications to Conduct Exempt Research

 New procedure for reviewing applications to conduct exempt research The procedure for reviewing applications to conduct exempt research has been changed to increase efficiency and reduce administrative burden on IRB staff., (a) Minor changes such as changes in wording of the consent form or changes in non-key personnel (eg, research assistants) can be made by investigators without approval from the IRB., What has not changed The following must be reported immediately to the IRB: Any injuries to research participants or any events that increase the risk to research participants., New Procedure for Reviewing Applications to Conduct Exempt Research

5-17(R) Graduate Research Fellowships

SUBJECT: GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS Effective with the 2011-2012 academic year, graduate fellowship stipends may receive a 2% increase established as follows: Doctoral research fellowships at $12,850 Graduate research and diversity fellowships at $10,500 With approval of the graduate dean, the stipend for the doctoral research fellowships may be increased using funds donated to the university., During the academic year of their award and the subsequent summer, recipients of university research fellowships are classified as Michigan residents for tuition purposes., 5-17(R) Graduate Research Fellowships's-division/general-counsel/board-policy-naming-test/chapter-5/5-17(r)-graduate-research-fellowships881535e6-b965-4b8d-93ed-2f4dec815e45.pdf?sfvrsn=6dd33691_3

Faculty Research Assistance Application 2021-2022

 1 RESEARCH FUNDING ASSISTANCE The Herbert H. and Grace A., Allocated funds to support faculty research is up to $300., Faculty working with students may not apply for this research funding assistance in combination with having their student/s completing a student research grant., Do not include research start-up funds in this section., ¥ Does your research project involve blood-borne pathogens?, Faculty Research Assistance Application 2021-2022

IRB Manager Cheat Sheet for IBC Researchers

 TW June 22, 2020 Cheat Sheet for IRB Manager Users Conducting Institutional Biosafety Research 1., To sign in to IRB Manager go to the Office of Research Compliance Web Page: 2., IRB Manager Cheat Sheet for IBC Researchers

Research Symposium Booklet 2021

 4th Annual Research Symposium April 13, 2021 Presentations will occur virtually between 3 - 5 p.m. via Webex: htps:// Welcome On behalf of the Research Commitee, we would like to welcome you to The Herbert H., Dow College of Health Professions 4th Annual Research Symposium., At this unprecedented time, impacted by COVID-19, we are proud to share an opportunity to learn more about the health care research conducted by our internationally known scientists, clinicians, academicians, and young researchers., The research they have been conducting is important!, RESEARCH COMMITTEE MEMBERS Ksenia Ustinova Ph.D., Research Symposium Booklet 2021

20160824 Controlled Substances in Research Guidance for Registrants cv

 Updated 24-August, 2016 JC Registration Options for Principal Investigators A Non-Practitioner Researcher must obtain each the following for their laboratory location: o State of Michigan controlled substance research license (Schedule II-V) o DEA 225 researcher registration (Schedule II-V) A Practitioner-Researcher with a current DEA practitioner registration (for prescribing) must choose one of the following options: 1., (Preferred option) Obtain a separate State of Michigan controlled substance research license (Schedule II-V) and a DEA 225 researcher controlled substance registration (Schedule II-V)., Updated 24-August, 2016 JC Research staff within their laboratory would be granted authorized agent status working under the Principal Investigator's registered and licensed authority., MI R 333.7103 (1) “Administer” means the direct application of a controlled substance, whether by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or other means, to the body of a patient or research subject by a practitioner, or in the practitioner's presence by his or her authorized agent, or the patient or research subject at the direction and in the presence of the practitioner., Usage Records Controlled substances must be tracked from acquisition to administration (to a research subject or usage in an in- vitro or chemical process) or disposal., 20160824 Controlled Substances in Research Guidance for Registrants cv

Great Lakes research is center stage

The event also will host a panel discussion among CMU's Great Lakes researchers, covering the topics of mussels and their importance to Michigan rivers, the Great Lakes coastal wetland monitoring program, and water quality changes in the lakes., The Institute for Great Lakes Research — with 31 faculty members among five different departments — is supported by state-of-the-art facilities in Mount Pleasant and at the CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island., Central is overseeing its second $10 million EPA grant since 2010 to conduct Great Lakes wetlands research and allocates funds through this grant to 10 other universities, four governmental agencies and one private partner., An interactive map features highlights of this summer's Great Lakes research projects conducted by CMU faculty, students and other research partners., Great Lakes research is center stage

New global research effort includes CMU physics faculty

The new International Research Network for Nuclear Astrophysics, dubbed IReNA, is made up of seven core research institutions in the United States and 62 associated institutions in 17 countries., Being able to do the research in the most appropriate laboratory with the proper equipment is key to learning, Estrade said., "To have a good research experience, especially with new collaborations, it is best to work side by side., It also is an NSF worldwide group of six interdisciplinary networks called AccelNett to advance science through collaborative research., Its other goal is to prepare student researchers for a broad range of STEM careers in a variety of disciplines., New global research effort includes CMU physics faculty

Student research, scholarships honored

The same is true this academic year for a vast amount of Central Michigan University student research., "CMU is proud of its long-standing tradition of involving both undergraduate and graduate students in the research, scholarship and creative endeavors of our outstanding faculty," said David Ash, CMU vice president of research and dean of graduate studies., He has co-presented his research at a national conference., Bergner also received a Robert Newby Diversity Research Award., Their work combined service learning, community service and student research., Student research, scholarships honored

Market research, web design projects begin in May

Contracts with a market research firm and a web design firm are being finalized., The market research discovery visit will occur in early May., And the market research outcomes will help all of us — all faculty and staff — reflect our brand in our conversations and communications," she said., The market research advisory task force includes: Monica Clark, market research project lead, University Communications., Emma Gyasi, research analyst, Academic Planning and Analysis., Market research, web design projects begin in May