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P & A Council

Council mission

The role of the P&A Council is to provide feedback and offer insight from a Professional & Administrative (P&A) employee’s perspective on a wide variety of information and university matters shared with the Council. P&A Council members have the opportunity to interact directly with executive leadership to share knowledge, ideas, and support a culture of communication, engagement, and collaboration amongst P&A staff. 

Committee participation

Catastrophic Leave Committee

The Catastrophic Leave Committee is responsible for administering requests for catastrophic leave. The committee consists of five members, three individuals from the P&A group, one from Human Resources , and one individual from payroll.

Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors Committee

P&A Council identifies an individual to the Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate. The official appointment is made by the Academic Senate.

Health Care Committee

The  purpose of the Health Care Committee is to educate and inform employees about trends in health care and benefit plan design, and make recommendations regarding benefit and wellness issues to University administration. Two members of the committee will serve as liaisons to the Council.

Shared Governance and Communications Committee

The Shared Governance and Communications Committee was created for the purpose to hold before the CMU community the ideals of, and guidelines for, good shared governance and clear communication.  Ideally two P&A employees represent staff of this committee, who are selected by the President from nominees offered by the University Community Advisory Panel.