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About the ombuds

Deborah Dodge

University Ombudsperson

Deborah joined Central Michigan University in November of 2021. She holds a master’s degree in Education (Higher Education Administration: Leadership, Policies, and Organizational Leadership) from Vanderbilt University. She was first introduced to organizational ombudsing as a paraprofessional undergraduate student at Portland State University where she was mentored into the profession while working in the Campus Ombuds Office serving PSU faculty, staff, and students. Deborah has since held various positions within higher education. Whether located centrally, in student affairs, or in academic affairs she provided conflict resolution services, stewarded transparent grievance and appeal processes, and sought always to infuse informal and formal practices alike, with as restorative an approach as possible.

Black and white photo of a woman standing in her office.

Deborah is an active member of the International Ombuds Association and has earned the Candidate for CO-OP designation with the association.  She is a certified mediator through the Social Justice Mediation Institute. 

On campus, she serves as an ex officio member of the:

  • Campus Climate Resource Team
  • Gender Recognition & Lived/Chosen Name Policy Work Group
  • SAP/SLCM Core Team

You are welcome to contact Deborah to arrange for a meeting, to discuss availability for a short presentation or Q&A about ombudsing or to inquire after services such as conflict coaching, facilitating dialogue, and developing training or workshop opportunities.