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Save your spot and join the fun

I just looked at the New Student Orientation calendar and dates are filling up fast. If you haven’t signed up yet, there are still orientation dates open in mid to late June, so now would be the perfect time to make or defer your enrollment reservation deposit so you can pick your date.

Taking care of your deposit, whether you pay it now or defer it to your first tuition payment, also opens your housing application. The earlier you apply for housing, the more choices you’ll have. Plus, you get access to our RoomSync app to find roommates.

If you want to experience our Fired-Up attitude and move into your residence hall before everyone else returns to campus this fall, there are two great campus traditions waiting for you: Leadership Safari and IMPACT.

Leadership Safari

You and your fellow incoming students will have the campus to yourselves for three days. The program is a high-energy, get-up-and-get-moving event with lots of opportunities to make new friends. And it’s your introduction to our promise to all our students: You will learn to lead in life. 

Leadership is defined by your actions. It’s not a job title or the loudest voice. It can be quiet and mighty. Whatever your leadership style, we’ll help you develop it until it becomes second nature. You’ll discover many of the opportunities and organizations across campus that are waiting for you to take the lead.

Want to know why it’s such a popular event? Check out last year’s video. You can sign up for Leadership Safari online or talk to the Safari team at your orientation session.

• Move-in day for Leadership Safari: Aug. 23 
• Program: Aug. 24 to 27


Students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to take part in this extra two-day event before heading on to Leadership Safari. IMPACT is just that, two days of impactful bonding with fellow students, learning your way around campus, and identifying all the resources and support available to you. 

You’ll meet in small groups with two IMPACT mentors and other students whose goal is to help you navigate college life. They have firsthand knowledge of academic advising, student activities, opportunities to lead, study habits and much more. 

Students who attend IMPACT go on to participate in Leadership Safari the next day.  

• Move-in day for IMPACT: Aug. 21
• Program: from 2 p.m. on Aug. 21 to the afternoon of Aug. 23 

That gives you a small break before joining your classmates in Leadership Safari on Aug. 24.

As you continue taking your next steps toward this fall for freshmen and for transfer students, I encourage every incoming student to take part in these energizing events. It’s a great way to get Fired Up for your first year of college.

See you in August!

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