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Jan. 25, 2022: Help us improve the new

Central Michigan University’s new website is ever evolving on a daily basis as we continue to add and edit information across the site while stabilizing and optimizing the user experience.

How to report functionality issues

CMU students, faculty and staff can assist in this process by reporting website functionality issues to the OIT Helpdesk through an online form. Examples of issues to report include:

  • Broken links
  • Pages not loading properly
  • Program finder issues
  • Error messages
  • Documents or images not loading correctly

Who do I report my issues to?

Any content-related issues such as typos, outdated information and college or department-specific page content changes should be directed to your primary website collaborator who will then follow the proper workflow for making the requested changes.

All of this information, including the list of primary website collaborators, can be found by visiting the homepage and following the “Report a website issue” button located in the middle of the page above the “Find Your Program” section.

We truly appreciate your assistance and feedback to improve the overall user experience on the new website.

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