Welcome to Central Michigan University

On behalf of the Leadership Institute and the CMU community, we would like to welcome you to Central Michigan University!  Leadership Safari is the flagship co-curricular program of the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute and a beloved CMU tradition.  

More than 2,000 new CMU students attend Leadership Safari each year.  Safari provides an opportunity for both freshman and transfer students to learn how to be academically successful at CMU.  Safari participants join us on campus early, allowing them to become acclimated to the college environment.  Leadership Safari is your fast track to success at CMU!

Leadership Safari 2019 

The second annual Spring Leadership Safari will be held on January 5-6, 2019.  To learn more, or register, click here. The program is open to new students entering in January, as well as students who started their CMU journey in August 2018 but were unable to attend Leadership Safari at that time.