Student success. Two very important words and the reason you (and we) are here. You are at CMU because you have accomplished your goal to further your education. We are here because college is different and sometimes you might need a little help. The Office of Student Success provides personal success coaching to partner with you in support of your academic and personal goals.

A success coach can help you with time management, college adjustment, study habits, budgeting, goal setting and much more.  Plus, we can help you with ways for getting involved and connected at CMU. Ninety-five percent of students coached would recommend it to a friend or classmate. 

Keep these success tips in mind while you make the most of your CMU experience.    

  1. Ask questions   
  2. Always go to class   
  3. Visit professors during office hours  
  4. Find your study spot
  5. Get involved  
  6. Take care of yourself 
“I remember getting a D in World Geography my first semester in college.  I wonder now how things would have been different if I asked questions or sought help.”
– Dr. Evan Montague, Director of Student Success

We are committed to assisting you throughout your time at CMU.  "I wish I had known about this sooner" is something we regularly hear from students. Don't wait to schedule time with a success coach--your personal guide to success (and finding things sooner).   

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