Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

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Fire Safety and Evacuation Training


The mission of Environmental Health & Safety is to promote safety and protection of human and physical assets of Central Michigan University.


Environmental Health & Safety strives to ensure the campus of Central Michigan University is a safe place to work, learn, and visit. The success of the department in fulfilling its responsibilities requires close coordination with, and cooperation from the University community. 


Environmental Health & Safety implements and provides leadership in planning and organizing programs to ensure a safe campus environment, including:

  • Identifying and analyzing health, environmental, and safety exposures.
  • Monitoring workplace compliance with environmental, health, and safety related state and federal regulations.
  • Developing and managing campus emergency preparedness, fire, and severe weather safety.
  • Training in occupational health, safety, and environmental areas, as required by state and federal regulations.
  • Investigating accidental injuries and property damage losses.


Jon Kujat, Manager, Risk Management
Environmental Health & Safety,
Emergency Management
Email: kujat1jd@cmich.edu
Phone: (989) 774-3154

Jeff Suty, Environmental Coordinator
Email: suty1ja@cmich.edu
Phone: (989) 774-2770

L James Stock III (Jamie)

Hazardous Waste Manager
Lab - Supervisor, Chemistry Dept. 
Email: stock1lj@cmich.edu
Phone: (989) 774-3378

Dani Sineway, Safety Coordinator                                                                                                Email: sinew1dr@cmich.edu                                                                                                            Phone:  (989) 774-3313                                                       

This website is for your reference and guidance - If you require more information please contact the Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Department directly at (989) 774-7398 or CMUEHS@cmich.edu.