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Content Delivery in Multiple Modalities  

As you consider your current teaching practices, you might be wondering how your materials can best be utilized to reach both remote and synchronous learners. Here, you’ll find an assembly of research and evidence-supported resources selected and designed to aid in developing and implementing hybrid and flexible instructional materials. Explore the following to learn more about classroom logistics, course management, accessibility, communicating with and delivering information to students in diverse learning environments, and more! 

Flipped Learning - Getting Started

Here, you’ll learn about how to get started with Flipped Learning,  a variation of blended learning well suited for the HyFlex instructional modality.   


Understanding Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning is a model of blended learning in which content delivery is provided outside of class (often online) and application activities are the focus of in-class time. Some benefits focus on communications and a requirement for accountability (Rotellar & Cain, 2016).  


HyFlex Teaching: Engaging Two Audiences at the Same Time (11:05)

In this video, we share a few techniques to engage learners in a bi-modal classroom using practical, active learning strategies.  


Transforming your Blackboard Shell to Transform your Teaching Series 

This 2-part video series supports your teaching by highlighting Blackboard shell features designed to present and engage learners with your content.  


Writing Discussion (Board) Questions

Here, we provide an overview of the educational value and logistical structure of Discussion Board Questions to facilitate engagement and dialogue with and between your remote, face-to-face, and HyFlex students using and independent of a structured “Discussion Board” forum.


Best Practices for Recording Content for your Courses (7:54) 

Before sitting down to record, follow these five best practices to create media that students will want to watch. 


Creating Interactive Videos

The benefits of an interactive video allow viewers to engage and interact with content to deepen learning.  Here, we provide steps to develop interactive videos to engage your learners. 


Additional Resources

Here is a list of hand-picked resources and tutorials on topics specifically related to this category. Some of these are mentioned within and pertain to the items above, while others are included as additional instructive material. Note: some links will require a CMICH login for access. 

For additional help and training on educational technologies, such as Blackboard, WebEx, Panopto and more, check out our  Tackling the Technology page.   

For technical assistance, the first point of contact is the OIT Help Desk. Additional resources and contact information are available on the  Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk page  

If additional assistance and consultation are needed, the CIS staff are available to support you. Contact us at or call 989-774-3615.