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Teaching and Learning Professional Support (TL Pro)

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support offers many opportunities for instructors to gain valuable and timely tips, suggestions, and input to inform and enhance teaching and learning experiences. By applying evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, best practices, resources, and technologies, our Teaching and Learning Professional Support Services (TL Pro) are designed to support the instruction of any course, any format, at any time during the instructional journey.

More than "Teaching Feedback"

TL Pro includes and expands upon some familiar CIS services. While most of our services provide some elements of "feedback", TL Pro also offers a more intensive and diverse range of teaching and learning support opportunities, providing you, our faculty, with so much more.

As appropriate, individualized services apply evidence-based best practices in higher ed teaching and learning in virtual and physical learning environments, online, face-to-face, and combination courses. The feedback, strategies, and opportunities we offer enable instructors to gauge the impact of teaching and student learning at any time (during, before, and after the semester) and make adjustments to enhance instructional techniques and practices today and in the future.

In this short video, CMU instructors Dr. Jamie Haines and Dr. Roop Jayaraman describe their experiences and what they learned and applied from the feedback they received through our TL Pro services.


All aspects of TL Pro services are confidential and non-evaluative. The focused nature of all our TL Pro services allows consultants to confidentially engage with “snapshot views" of course elements. Thus, any and all elements of this engagement remain confidential and are not intended to evaluate an educator’s instructional efficacy. As such, any and all artifacts associated with these services (including but not limited to survey data and consultant feedback) are provided to requesting instructor only and will not be shared with any other individual under any circumstances. Instructors wishing to use or share service report documents outside of TL Pro engagements should do so at their own discretion. 

TL Pro services

  • Consultation - Consultations are confidential meetings with a TL Pro consultant to discuss specific methods, challenges, questions, or concerns about your teaching practice or course development. Consultations often accompany other services that we provide
  • Observation - Our teaching observation service provides faculty with a 1-hour live observation of your teaching practice in any delivery format. You'll also have opportunities to work directly with a TL Pro Consultant to analyze and implement feedback.
  • Student Survey - Work directly with a TL Pro Consultant to survey your students through Blackboard, collect analyze, and reflect on their feedback on your teaching practice and their learning experience. 
  • Blackboard Review - When you request a Review, a member of our team will confidentially review your Blackboard course shell carrying out a detailed analysis focusing on clarity, consistency, and accessibility. Recommendations are made to enhance shell development, streamline navigation, increase course management efficiencies through utilizing LMS tools, and ensure all aspects of the course are in sync. 
  • Syllabus Review - Syllabus reviews offer a detailed analysis of your teaching syllabus, focusing on instructional presence, clarity, consistency, and accessibility. Recommendations are made to enhance syllabus development, streamline navigation, communication, and design to make the most out of this course introduction handbook for you and your students.

Requesting TL Pro services

Before selecting any of the above services, please review the framework to learn more about the process, what you will gain from participating, and what we ask from you as a participant.