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Dreamers Welcome

CMU provides support for mixed-status families

Central Michigan University affirms its policy:
"An undocumented, and/or DACA-mented student, as a long-term U.S. resident, can be admitted to Central Michigan University following the institution's standard admissions policies and procedures for domestic undergraduate and graduate students."

From the Manual of University Policies Procedures and Guidelines:
"Federal and state law does NOT prohibit the admission of an undocumented student, nor does it require a prospective student to prove citizenship to receive admission to colleges and universities."

Receiving in-state tuition:
To receive in-state tuition, all students (undergraduate, graduate, and online) need to supply a permanent U.S. address in any state or territory and a transcript of a full U.S. high school experience.

Financial Aid:
CMU's merit-based scholarships are available to all long-term resident, DACA-mented and undocumented students.  Federal financial aid (Pell grants, work-study, etc.) require the submission of a FAFSA form.

State of Michigan Guide: