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OIT Organization Structure

The Office of Information Technology is organized into seven teams, each headed by a member of the OIT Cabinet.

Academic and Research Computing

The Academic and Research Computing (ARC) Team oversees and manages the “vertical market” applications in use across CMU’s academic colleges (non-healthcare related), as well as the Libraries and Office of Research and Graduate Studies. The staff making up this team are embedded in the colleges they support. This group reports to Dr. Ben Andera, Executive Director of Academic and Research Computing.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Team works closely with the leadership of the functional OIT areas in support of their administrative requirements. This includes budgeting and financial management, purchasing, invoice processing and payment, payroll processes, staff and student personnel paperwork, and any other foundational business functions that are shared across OIT. This group reports to Heather Jones, Associate Director Administrative Services.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications (EA) Team oversees and manages CMU’s core applications – those in wide use across all university divisions, such as Office 365, SharePoint (CMU website and team sites), Blackboard, ImageNow, etc. This group reports to Tim Niles, Executive Director of Enterprise Applications.

Healthcare IT

The Healthcare IT Team oversees and manages the “vertical market” applications in use across the Colleges of Health Professions and Medicine, university HIPAA-related clinical operations, and CMU Medical Education Partners. As in their parallel organization, the Academic  and Research Computing Team, they are embedded within the organizations they serve. The Healthcare IT Team reports to Kurt Smith, Assistant Dean of Healthcare IT.

Information Security

The Information Security Team (InfoSec), in close cooperation with additional staff members from the other OIT teams, manages CMU’s cybersecurity environment. A major function of this team is the monitoring and threat detection provided 12x7 by the Security Operations Center. The Information Security Team reports to Dr. Jerry Todd, CMU’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).


The Infrastructure Team oversees and manages CMU’s core technology platforms – the network, the telephone system, mediated classrooms, servers, storage, cable TV, etc. – and reports to Mark McDonald, Executive Director of Infrastructure.

Office of the CIO

The main objectives of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) are to are ensure a consistent and strategic approach to the use of IT across the enterprise, and to ensure a consistent, transparent, and efficient approach to the way OIT delivers value to the business. The core capabilities of the OCIO include strategy, planning, governance, and performance measurement. The team reports to Darcie Wilson, Deputy Chief Information Officer.