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Technology Awareness and Training Team Self-paced Training Materials

Learn from the comfort of your office chair, couch, or the coffee shop.




  • Bookings: Create a website where end users can book appointments with staff based upon Outlook Calendar availability. Manage all reservations through an intuitive administrative interface.
  • Excel: Create spreadsheets and organize, analyze, and visualize data
  • Forms: Collect information via polls, surveys, and quizzes.
  • Lens: Take pictures of whiteboards, documents, handwritten notes and much more and import them into numerous software such as OneNote and OneDrive. 
  • OneDrive: Create, store, upload, download, and share documents with a few simple clicks. Also, includes how create, store, edit, and share Microsoft Office 365 files.
  • OneNote:  Write, type, sketch, record and share notes from anywhere via the cloud. 
  • OneNote Class Notebook: Create and manage a digital notebook for each class, group, term, or project. Distribute instructional content to entire classes or individual students and provide instant, real-time feedback to students.
  • OneNote Staff Notebook: Set up a OneNote notebook for your staff members which includes three types of sub-notebooks: Collaboration Space, Content Library, and Private Staff Member Notebooks.
  • Planner: Create project plans, assign tasks and deadlines, utilize notifications, share files, and more for yourself or within an organization. 
  • Snipping Tool: Quickly and easily capture whatever is displayed on your Windows device.
  • Sway: Create presentations, blogs, newsletters, portfolios, resumes, and other projects in creative and interactive ways. 
  • Stream:  Upload and share videos, collaborate and communicate, and even live stream video within the greater CMU community
  • Teams: Teams is a powerful and secure hub where users can bring numerous Office 365 and other collaborative systems together to chat, meet, create, edit and share files, and more.
  • To-Do: Create lists, manage your day and prioritize your tasks, share with others, and more.
  • Whiteboard: Draw, sketch, annotate, design, collaborate, save, and share in the cloud.
  • Yammer: Create and participate in public or private groups, communicate, share information, create and respond to polls, direct message, praise, and much more in a social-media like platform. 
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