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Animal Care and Use Program

University, IACUC, and Standard Operating Procedure policies related to animal care and use.

IACUC policies

Document TitleRevision Date
CMU-P-002Food and Water Restriction and Manipulation in Research Animals and Guidelines for Weight Loss and Gain IACUC Administrative Policy 9/21/2017
CMU-P-003Training for Research and Animal Care Personnel 3/8/2021
CMU-P-004Requirements for IACUC Approval or Exemption for all Vertebrate Activities4/21/2022
CMU-P-005Animal Acquisition, Transfer and Tracking 8/20/2022
CMU-P-028IACUC Policy on Euthanasia 9/16/2021
CMU-P-0010Principle of Care in Animal Pain and Distress Management1/18/2012
CMU-P-0011Administrative Handling and Veterinary Verification and Review of Animal Care and Use Amendments4/27/2021
CMU-P-0012CMU Rodent Housing8/31/2019
CMU-P-0014Blood Collection Guidelines11/19/2015
CMU-P-0015Guidelines for Genotyping of Mice and Rats11/20/2015
CMU-P-0016Minimum Standards for Housing Aquatic Species1/26/2016
CMU-P-0017Animal Transportation Guidelines1/16/2020
CMU-P-0018Minimal Required PPE for Animal Care and Use2/18/2016
CMU P-0019Reporting Unexpected Adverse Events11/19/2020
CMU-P-0020Guidelines for Rodent Survival Surgery12/31/2013
CMU-P-0021IACUC Policy on Standard Operating Procedures for Animal Care and Use6/4/2020
CMU-P-0022Anesthesia Vaporizer Maintenance1/18/2018
CMU-P-0023Maintenance of Blades Used for Euthanasia6/16/2022
CMU-P-0024Animal Monitoring and Documentation6/16/2022
CMU-P-0025Continuing Review11/19/2020
CMU-P-0026Environmental Enrichment, Social and Behavioral Management12/12/2019
CMU-P-0027Physical Restraint and Prolonged Restraint10/17/2019