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Digital Strategy

Digital communications are everywhere you look. You can see our work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and, yes, desktop computers all over the world. If the communication is linked to digital media (spoiler alert, they all should be), we bring the strategy. Whether it's helping you understand what your audience is looking for and how they navigate your pages, or collaborating on digital content strategies, we're here for it.

We're fired up to help our community "level up" to a content-first approach to digital strategy. We'll provide training and best practices on web content strategy, how to make the most of our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and all of the really cool ways we can communicate with our audiences.

Our team brings a wealth of expertise to CMU to help accelerate our success in institutional communications and recruitment. Our goal? To better position our brand across our owned media channels.

Working with our team

The Digital Strategy Team can help you with:

  • Website content optimization.
  • Analytics dashboards for website and marketing campaigns.
  • Website search engine optimization.
  • Training for website collaborators.
  • Strategy for digital communications.