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Grinn, Sarah

Assistant Professor



Dr. Sarah Grinn conducts clinically-translatable research in animals and humans that advances our understanding of susceptibility to peripheral and central auditory noise injury. Ongoing projects in the Grinn Hearing Lab aim to reduce the incidence of recreational and occupational noise-induced hearing loss by improving the prediction model of auditory safety. Dr. Grinn’s current research, awarded by the National Institutes of Health, analyzes the effects of external-ear mechanics on temporary auditory deficit following a virtual-reality music concert exposure. Dr. Grinn collaborates with The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Boystown National Research Hospital.

Curriculum Vitae

Grinn Hearing Lab

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  1. Grinn, S., Trevino, M., Lobarinas, E. (2022). Noise-induced Threshold Shift Susceptibility Correlated with External-Ear Amplification in Chinchilla (under review).
  2. Grinn S. & Le Prell, Colleen. (2022). Evaluation of Hidden Hearing Loss in Normal-Hearing Firearm Users. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 16.
  3. Grinn, S. & Le Prell, C.G. (2021). Modeling Individual Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Risk with Proxy Measurements of External-Ear Amplification. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 149(6), 3975-3987.
  4. Grinn, S. & Le Prell, C.G. (2019). Noise-dose estimated with and without Pre-cochlear Amplification. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 146(5), 3967-3977.
  5. Grinn, S., Wiseman, K. B., Baker, J. A., & Le Prell, C. G. (2017). Hidden hearing loss? No effect of common recreational noise exposure on cochlear nerve response amplitude in humans. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 11, 465.

Research Support

  1. NIH Loan Repayment Award in Clinical Research (PI: Grinn) 2021-2023, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.
  2. Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors Grant (PI: Grinn) 2019-2021, Central Michigan University.
  3. New Investigator Grant (PI: Grinn) 2017-2019, American Academy of Audiology.
  4. Hearing Conservation Research Grant (PI: Grinn) 2017-2018, National Hearing Conservation Association.
  5. Susan and Jim Jerger Research Research in Audiology Fellowship (PI: Grinn) 2017-2018, American Academy of Audiology.
  6. Texas Speech-Language Hearing Foundation Research Grant (Grinn) 2018-2019, Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association.
  • PhD, The University of Texas at Dallas
  • AuD, The University of Florida
  • BS, Michigan State University
  • Noise-induced auditory injury
  • Speech-in-noise perception
  • External-ear acoustics
  • American Speech Language Hearing Association
  • American Academy of Audiology
  • Holder, Audiology License, State of Michigan

Courses Taught

  • AUD 643:  Auditory Disorders
  • AUD 731:  Diagnostic Audiology
  • AUD 744:  Occupational and Environmental Hearing Conservation
  • CSD 230:  Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Disabilities/Differences