Students in the Game Design Thinking program playing a board game Students in the Game Design Thinking program playing a board game Students in the Game Design Thinking program playing a board game

Game Design Thinking

Program Overview

The Game Design Thinking Minor offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of games and game design. Drawing upon several disciplinary approaches from across the university, it is structured to allow students to explore and apply the principles of good game design to a broad range of potential career options.

This is an interdisciplinary minor. Contact the Center for Learning through Games and Simulations (within the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences) for more information or to declare the minor.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time
Location: On Campus
Program Length: 1.5 years
Credit Hours: 24

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

We learn so much about ourselves, others and the world through playing games: social skills, analytical skills, teamwork, critical thinking, even good sportsmanship. What’s more, we enjoy learning when we are playing games. 

Studying game design is not just about becoming a game designer (although that is certainly an option), but about looking at the world through the lens of play.

Program Highlights

  • Through the Center for Learning through Games and Simulations, CMU offers a 24-credit interdisciplinary minor designed to complement almost any major.
  • The minor can be tailored to your future goals, with 9 core credits and options to optimize your experience toward video games, board games or game design. 
  • The curriculum spans a variety of disciplines and includes several UP and WI classes, many of which are taught on the principles of game-based learning.

Careers & Outcomes

Imagine applying the principles of gameplay to your workplace, to training, to team-building, or to any number of other areas of life or work. 

Career Projected Salary
Software Developer $109,020
Education Program Manager $60,931
Curriculum and Instructional Designer/Developer $63,740
Advertising Writer/Copywriter $73,150
Art Director $105,180
Special Effects Artists and Animators $98,950
Digital Designer $83,240
Web developers $78,580

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