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Political Science

Major, Minor

Program Overview

As a political science major at CMU, you'll explore both domestic politics, which examines the American political system, as well as international politics, which looks at how different countries can work together to address global issues. You'll explore who is excluded from these processes and how they can be made more inclusive, as well as what constitutes a just society, what equality is and what it means to be free.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time
Location: On-Campus, Online
Program Length: 4 years
Credit Hours: 21 - 33

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

What constitutes a just society? What does it mean to be free? Who is excluded from the political discourse, and how can we be more inclusive?

These are some of the questions at the heart of our political science major. In this deeply relevant program, you’ll learn about the American political system. You'll examine how countries can work together to address global issues. You'll explore the relationships among individuals, governments and the public good.

In the classroom, you’ll examine interest groups, voting behavior, political philosophies and the administration of justice. You can even tailor your studies with a certificate in citizen engagement, political advocacy and elections, or lawmaking and legal processes.

Beyond the classroom, you can collaborate with professors on research and get involved in political campaigns and advocacy.

Program Highlights

As a political science student at CMU, you can:

  • Gain real-world experience through an internship with a political campaign or government office.
  • Study international politics in Moscow, Hong Kong and beyond.
  • Serve as delegates, participate in negotiations and write resolutions or amendments through our Model United Nations simulations and conferences.
  • Join Pi Sigma Alpha, our political science honor society, to help increase political participation and build morale and membership within our discipline.

Careers & Outcomes

A political science degree offers a great foundation for exciting careers in politics, government, diplomacy, law, education, communications and beyond.

Career Projected Salary
City/Town Administrator $98,980
Global Communications Manager $81,205
Court Administrator $77,777
Policy Analyst $64,950
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