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A strong start to a successful semester

Best wishes for a great academic year!

Dear CMU students,

Welcome to the start of a great year at Central Michigan University! Whether you are joining us for the first time as a new student or returning to continue your academic journey, we are FIRED UP that you are here!

It is going to be an outstanding year on our campus. I know the last two years have been extremely challenging for you – whether you were here or at another institution – and that you may feel anxious about what this new year will bring your way. 

I want to remind you of just how strong and capable you are, and how much you have already achieved. Yes, the pandemic knocked us for a loop and changed the way we approached every aspect of our lives — but you survived it, and you thrived in spite of it! You kept showing up for classes, you continued to engage in your studies, and you achieved your goals. You demonstrated incredible resilience and grit, creativity and innovation, and, most importantly, compassion and kindness.

When we talk about what it means to have a Fired-Up Attitude, we are talking about you. Well done.

Now, keep it up! Today, you are taking the next step on your path at CMU, and you will get out of your journey what you are willing to put into it. You are the architect of your future, the author of your own story – what will you build? What will you write?

I hope you will make your journey exciting — that you will choose to not simply “get by.” Instead, I hope you will aim high and dream big — that you will challenge yourself in the classroom and on our campus. 

  • Get to know your faculty members. Drop in during office hours. Engage in class discussions and put in your best work on group projects.
  • Explore registered student organizations and clubs. Seek out opportunities to try new things, meet new people and expand your skills.
  • Participate in campus events and traditions. Attend sporting events, music and theater performances, lectures and speaker series. Celebrate with us at Homecoming! 
  • Learn more about your community and the people in it. Connect with people who view the world from a perspective different from your own. Participate in cultural and heritage month activities and awareness events. 

And, importantly, embrace and model the CMU core values every day: integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence and innovation. Set the leadership standard for others by doing the right things for the right reasons every day. 

This means being mindful of your own health and well-being, as well as the health of others. While we continue to navigate the pandemic and other health concerns, it is important to remember that your actions can affect the health of others. Please, exercise personal responsibility:

  • Read CMU’s COVID-19 information page, and follow the health and safety guidelines. 
  • Do not go to class, work or meetings if you are sick.
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, report them using the health screen app or website.
  • If you are sick, contact Student Health Services or your preferred health care provider.
We are going to have a great year, and I cannot wait to see what you will make of it. Remember that we are all here to support you along the way, so please ask for help when you need it. 

Be well and Fire Up Chips!

Bob Davies, Ph.D.
Central Michigan University

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