​Every student who requests accommodations or adjustments due to a disability will be invited to participate in the interactive process.  Below is a general outline of the interactive process

1. Request Accommodations

2. Submit Verification of Documentation

3. Discussion With SDS Professionals About:

  • How your condition impacts a major life function
  • Subject areas or times that are particularly difficult for you
  • Expectations of high education including anticipated work load, program technical standards, attendance, code of conduct, standards, etc.

4. Determination of Reasonable Accommodations

  • Staff at SDS will then determine what accommodations is best for each individual student

5. Notification of Faculty

  • It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to notify faculty of their eligibility and desire to use accommodations  
  • Students may pick up printed Letters of Notification for faculty or letters can be emailed to the student if requested.

6. Continued Interaction

  • Student's are encouraged to work with SDS throughout the semester but especially if they are experiencing any difficulty
  • All students will receive a monthly email from SDS staff
  • Student's may receive information through the Facebook page or through Twitter announcements