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Diversity Awards, Fellowships, Grants and Scholarships

The Robert Newby Award for Diversity Efforts

Robert Newby Award for Diversity Efforts awards up to three undergraduate and one graduate student project for research, creative activity, and/or application of findings in a credit-bearing experience per year. 

‚ÄčKing Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellows

‚ÄčKing Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellows is a State of Michigan fully funded initiative supporting graduate students whose career path will lead them to the teaching profession in post-secondary education.

The Freida Green Scholarship for camp counselor at Camp Walden

The Freida Green Scholarship supports the higher education goals of Black college students who work as summer counselors at Camp Walden in Northern Michigan. Each year, the scholarship i4s awarded to students who are ready to grow, thrive, and experience new opportunities as a sleep-away summer camp counselor. Named for the longest-serving Black employee at Camp Walden, the scholarship is funded by Taproots at Camp Walden. the non-profit subsidiary of Camp Walden. Taproots' mission is to cultivate a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive camp community. The app is set to close in April 2023.

The James R. & Anita H. Jenkins Scholarship

James R. & Anita H. Jenkins Scholarship is a competitive regional scholarship annually awarding four recipients who demonstrate leadership and community involvement from regions in Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Tennessee.

The Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd M. Cofer Scholars (MAC)

Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd M. Cofer Scholars (MAC) Scholars are exemplary high school students who have committed to CMU and academic achievement, community service, enhancing diversity and living in shared residence on campus to support student success.  Known as Diversity Champions, they foster and welcome an inclusive environment for all members of CMU and Mt. Pleasant communities.

The LaMarcus D. Howard Scholarship

LaMarcus D. Howard Scholarship supports and encourages full-time undergraduate students who reflect his experience as a first-generation college student who overcame significant challenges to achieve his baccalaureate and Masters degrees from CMU. Preference is given to students from Flint, MI.

The Lester Booker Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund for Diversity and Inclusion 

Lester Booker Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund for Diversity and Inclusion is a new annual award to an undergraduate student who demonstrates an active commitment to the participation of underrepresented communities in educational pursuits. Preference given to Resident Assistants, Inclusion Assistants or Peer Advisors; and applicants from the Detroit Public Schools Community District. 

The J.D. Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment 

J.D. Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established by the Association of Faculty and Staff of Color to honor J.D. Smith, an African American professor of History at CMU.  Currently, two scholarships are awarded annually to: 1) An incoming first-year student who resides in Saginaw, Midland or Mount Pleasant, is committed to the advancement of people of color in American society, and demonstrates great academic potential; and 2) A CMU undergraduate student, of sophomore or greater standing, who is committed to the advancement of people of color in American society and demonstrates an interest in research or scholarly pursuits. Preference will be given to applicants studying or conducting research in the fields of history and/or African-American history, as reflected in the work of J.D. Smith.

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