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King-Chavez-Parks Visiting Professor Program

The Martin Luther King, Jr. • César Chávez • Rosa Parks Visiting Professors Program is a joint sponsorship between the State of Michigan and Central Michigan University. It was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger KCP Initiative, designed to stem the downward spiral of college graduation rates for students underrepresented in postsecondary education.

Black and white King-Chávez-Parks logo shows the faces of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., César Chávez and Rosa Parks within big bold KCP letters

The purpose of the Visiting Professor Program is to increase the number of instructors in the classroom to provide role models for academically or economically disadvantaged students. 

Preference may not be given to visiting faculty on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, or national origin. Universities should encourage applications from instructors who would otherwise not be adequately represented in the faculty. Visiting Professors should be selected for their ability to contribute a unique perspective that lends itself to helping the target audience become active participants in a knowledge-based, global economy.

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