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Laboratory and Field Safety

Laboratory Safety

Central Michigan University is committed to safe work practices related to laboratory research. As a result, the faculty and staff have established guidelines, policies, and procedures related to ensuring safe practices. General information regarding lab safety and useful references can be found through this link: Lab Safety.

If you have additional questions or are seeking further information, please feel free to contact ORGS at (989) 774-1152 or Environmental Health and Safety at (989) 774-7398.

Biological Safety

Specific information regarding lab activities with biological agents can be found on the Biological Safety website. For additional information or questions, please contact the following:

Tom Schultz
(989) 774-3279

Greg Colores
(989) 774-3412

Chemical Safety

Information about the policies specific to using chemicals in a laboratory can be found on the Chemical Safety page. For more information or if you have further questions, please contact:

Jennifer Walton
(989) 774-3215

Laser Safety

If you are going to be using lasers, information on the guidelines and safety procedures can be located through the Laser Safety webpage. If you have additional questions or seek further information, feel free to speak with:

Jennifer Walton
(989) 774-3215

Radiation Safety

Information specific to upholding safety practices when using equipment or products that produce radiation, can be found on the Radiation Safety webpage. For more information or questions, contact the following:

Jennifer Walton
(989) 774-3215

Field Safety

Field Policies and Procedures Manual (draft)

Boat Safety

Boat Safety Guidelines

Hazardous Materials

For information regarding the proper disposal of hazardous waste, consult the website for Hazardous Waste Disposal. Contact the Hazardous Waste Manager for further questions:

Jamie Stock
(989) 774-3378

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