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Engaging Learning across the university by supporting the development and delivery of curriculum purposefully designed for student success and the demonstration of achievement.

With our mission of Engaging Learning, the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (CIS) is leading the way in supporting development, design, and delivery of curriculum. We are at the vanguard of teaching, learning, and demonstration of learning, aligning to the university’s focus on nurturing student success.

Our experienced and dedicated staff possess skill and expertise in a range of crucial arenas:

  • Academic Assessment
  • Audio, Video, and Graphic Media
  • CMU Bulletin
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty Support
  • General Education
  • Instructional Design
  • Learning Systems Support
  • Professional Development
  • Teaching and Learning 

Working closely with many Academic Senate appointed advisory councils and committees, we support faculty to create and facilitate engaging learning all the way from development of curriculum through to the demonstration of student learning. At every stage, we provide insight, learning opportunities, assistance, expertise, facilities, and necessary services.

To discover how the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support staff can help you, we encourage you to utilize the many resources available throughout this website and visit our office on Park Library’s fourth floor, call us at 989-774-3615, email, or follow us on Facebook.

“One person can be a trimtab making a major difference.” -R. Buckminster Fuller (1893-1985)