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Diversity Implementation Committee

In 2001, the first strategic diversity plan was launched. Since that time, the campus has experienced successes as well as challenges. Seven years later, CMU has a revised plan that is integral to its institutional mission and goals. The 2008 Strategic Plan for Advancing Diversity: Blueprint for the 21st Century and Beyond , led by Dr. Denise O'Neil Green, CMU's chief diversity officer, has been shaped by conversations and input from multiple committees and campus groups. While it builds on the original 2001 plan, the revised plan also builds on the CMU 2010 Vision Plan and efforts that grew out of the President's 22 Diversity Charges issued in December 2006.

An implementation committee of more than 35 members representing many departments, groups, and perspectives was convened in the fall of 2008. There are five subcommittees, one for each diversity priority area:

  1. Fostering a welcoming and inclusive climate
  2. Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce of faculty and staff at all levels
  3. Recruiting and retaining students from diverse backgrounds
  4. Infusing diversity into the curriculum
  5. Supporting the administrative and organizational structure needed to coordinate and monitor progress

These five specific priorities are important because collectively they address the vital aspects of campus life at CMU. As we focus on these priorities, CMU will begin to reflect in a greater way the diversity that is reflected across the nation and the globe.

Each subcommittee has five core tasks:

  1. Define measurable goals for that priority
  2. Determine assessment measures with the assistance of institutional research
  3. Determine a timeline for each goal
  4. Determine the amount of resources needed for the initiatives outlined in the plan
  5. Determine the appropriate offices that should lead the effort
A diversity report card will be issued each year by the implementation committee, highlighting the progress made under each diversity priority. While the Office for Institutional Diversity is taking the lead, only our collective efforts will make this plan a reality.