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Math 133 notebook with student completing problems

Department of Mathematics

Whether you're interested in theoretical mathematics, applied mathematics, or teaching mathematics, we will help you build a foundation in Mathematics for a successful career in a technological society and competitive global environment.

CMU has done so much for me. I could not imagine myself anywhere else.

Exponential Growth

As a CMU mathematics student, you'll have opportunities to collaborate with renowned faculty on high impact research projects where you'll: 

  • Work on various modeling and experimental validation, including recent Covid-19 related infectious disease to material modeling and analytical logic.
  • Explore graph theory. Dmitry Zakharov's students have found a way to modify path-counting on the quotient in such a way that the modified zeta function of the quotient divides the zeta function of the original.

Learn more about how our academic programs spur Central Michigan mathematics students to reach new heights!

Heading to graduate school? Consider a major in Mathematics. Advanced degrees in business, law, and even medicine require the analytical and problem-solving skills you’ll develop studying mathematics at CMU.

Going right from graduation to the job market? The skills you learn studying mathematics at CMU will set you up for a successful career in areas such as mathematics and computer modeling, finance, cryptography and cyber security, mathematical biology, and even computer programming.

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Solve the complex problems facing our world today. Studying Applied Mathematics at CMU will set you up for a successful career in science, research, business, or technology while working to unravel some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

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Dig deeper into the basic concepts and structure of mathematics while expanding the knowledge of mathematics itself.

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