​When you activate your Global ID, you also activate your CMU e-mail account.  Your CMU e-mail account provides a means for delivery of communications from CMU.  Each time you wish to log into your CMU e-mail account you will need your Global ID and password.  You can access your CMU e-mail account via the CentralLink portal. 

It is vital that you check your CMU e-mail account on a daily basis.  If you choose you can forward your CMU e-mail to another account or vice versa.  However, official University communications are sent only to your CMU e-mail account and the University expects that students are accessing their CMU e-mail.  Examples of CMU communications sent only to your CMU e-mail account.
  • Tuition Statements and Payment Deadlines
  • Financial Aid Updates
  • Registration Notifications
  • Faculty-Student Correspondence
  • Academic Progress Communications
  • Course-related Information
  • College of Graduate Studies Deadlines, Notifications, and Communications

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