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Administrative Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Welcome to the Administrative Policies Manual. The goal is to compile in one place all administrative policies, procedures, and guidelines that have general applicability throughout the University. As new policies are written and existing policies are revised, they will be added to this manual.

If you are a University employee who is writing or revising a policy, procedure, or guideline, please consult the policy statement at 2-1 of this Manual: Authority to Establish Policies, Procedures or Guidelines. That policy outlines the formatting and the process for approval of policies, procedures and guidelines. There is a link in that policy to the forms you are encouraged to use. The forms are also directly available from the General Counsel Web page.

This manual does not, have policies, procedures and guidelines that are not applicable to the entire university that may exist at a divisional, college, or departmental level.

Chapter 1​Powers and Authority of the Board of Trustees
Chapter 2Presidential and Administrative Authority and Organization
2-1​ Authority to Establish Policies, Procedures or Guidelines
2-2Chain of Command in Absence of President
Chapter 3University Wide Policies
3-1Consensual Relationships
3-2Workplace Violence
3-3Guidelines for Handling Injuries on Campus
3-4Fraud and Fraudulent Activities
3-5Weapons Policy
3-6Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Protocol
3-7Procedures for Granting Contracting Authority
3-8Contract Review Process
3-9Conflict of Interest Guidelines
3-10Advocacy Policy
3-12Disposal or Transfer of Computers and Other Digital Assets
3-13Solicitation and Fundraising Policy
3-14Social Security Number Privacy
3-15Supplemental Assignments
3-16Accommodations of Religious Obligations
3-17Alcohol Use Guidelines
3-18Closing the University or Delaying Operations Due to Weather or Other Adverse Conditions
3-19Business Expense Policy
3-20Freedom of Information Policy
3-21Lock & Key Policy
3-22Sign Language Interpreter Policy
3-23Digital Communication
3-25Drug-Free Workplace
3-26Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989
3-27Tobacco-Free Policy
3-28Academic Freedom
3-29Research Integrity and Misconduct
3-30Data Stewardship
3-31Responsible Use of Computing
3-32Business Relationships
3-33SAP Security - Authority, Rights & Responsibilities
3-34Managing Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Services Funded Research Projects
3-35Minors Participating in CMU Activities
3-36Workplace Violence - Threat Management Team Operating Procedures
3-38Web Policy
3-39Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy
3-40Student Bereavement
3-41Operation of Motorized Utility Vehicles
3-42Information Security Policy
3-43Approval for International Travel (Travel Abroad)
3-44Oversight of Controlled Substances in Research
3-45Record Management Policy
3-46Facility Use Policy
3-47Institutional Biosafety Program
3-48Password Policy
3-49Secure Configurations Policy - Workstations
3-50Laboratory Safety
3-51Field Work Safety
3-52Gender Recognition and Lived/Chosen Name Policy
3-53Information Security Incident Response Policy
3-54Secure Configuration Policy - Printers
3-55European Union General Data Protection Regulation Policy
3-57Secure Server Configurations
3-58Laboratory Entry and Access
3-59Export Controls
3-60Emergency Management Program
3-61Intellectual Property
3-62False Claims Act
3-63Social Media Policy
3-64Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines
3-65Authorship and Acknowledgement in Scholarly Publications
3-67Off-Site Collaborative Research Activities
3-68Technology Transfer of CMU Intellectual Property
3-69Public Statement Policy
3-70Micro-Mobility Device Policy
3-71Animal Subject Research
3-72Vehicle Policy
Chapter 4Employment: Faculty and Staff
4-1Serious and Catastrophic Leave (SCL) Bank
4-2Criminal History Checks
4-3Family and Medical Leave
4-4Retiree Status
4-5Military Leave - Long-Term
4-6Listservs and Announcements for Faculty and Staff
4-7Staff Hiring Process
4-8Performance Reviews
4-9Tuition Benefit Plan
4-10Search Firms, Use of
4-11Overtime/Compensatory Time
4-12Independent Contractors
4-13Senior Officer Search and Selection Procedures/Guidelines
4-14CMU's Responsibility for Immigration Expenses
4-15Moving Expense
4-16Nepotism/Family Employment
4-17Fixed-Term Faculty
4-18Continuation of Health Insurance - COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) of 1985
4-19Continuation of Insurance Benefits - Unpaid Leave of Absence
4-20Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form)
4-21Compensation Philosophy
4-22Additional Compensation
4-23Survivor Benefits
4-24Work Accommodation Process
4-25Cell Phone Allowance Process
4-26Endowed Chair/Professor Search Procedure
4-27Release Time for Employee Volunteer Activities
4-28Joint Appointments
4-29Dual Career Policy
4-30Alternative Work Schedules
4-31Tuition Waiver Benefit for Grant-Funded Graduate Research Assistants
4-32CMU Medical Faculty Salary Program
4-33Pre-Employment Substance Abuse Testing - College of Medicine
4-34Search Waivers
4-35Teaching Faculty Qualifications Policy and Procedures
4-36Procedures for Evaluation of Deans and Other Academic Senior Officers
4-37Flexible Worksite
Chapter 5Academic Structure, Programs and Regulations
5-1Facilities and Administrative Costs: Collection and Distribution
5-2Pre-Professional Advisers
5-3Copyright Compliance
5-4Human Subject Research
5-5Boat Safety
5-6Vivaria Per Diem Fees
5-7Student Academic Division Complaint Teaching Procedures
5-8Credit Hour Definition and Application to Courses
5-9Academic Centers and Institutes
5-10Vivaria Access: Visitors Policy
Chapter 6Financial and Insurance Arrangements; Fees, Fines and Penalties
6-1Fees, Establishment, Deletion, Changes
6-2Accepting Credit Card Payments
6-3Identity Theft Red Flags
6-4Invoicing for Fixed Price Contracts
6-5Payments to Research Participants
6-6Cash Handling Policy
Chapter 7Students, Scholarships and Financial Aid
7-1University Out-of-State Tuition Merit Award Program
7-2Out-of-State Tuition Award Program for Graduate Students from Neighboring Regions
7-3Issuance of Student Email Accounts Policy
7-4Resident Status Policy
7-5International Programs
7-6Chalking Policy
7-7Listservs and Announcements for Students
7-8Tuition Rate for International Student Cohorts
7-9Criminal Background Checks for Students
7-10Admissions, Tuition and Scholarships for Non-Citizen, Long-Term U.S. Residents/Undocumented Students
7-11Post Admission Substance Abuse - College of Medicine
7-12Student Short-Term Military Service
7-13Posthumous Academic Recognition
7-14International Student Insurance
Chapter 8Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Control
Chapter 9University Facilities, Buildings, Housing and Grounds
9-1Real Estate: Purchase, Sale and/or Donation
9-2Capital Project Approval
9-3Solid Waste Management
9-4Green Cleaning
9-5Space for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity
Chapter 10Development Fund, Alumni Association and Gifts Policies
10-1Fundraising on Behalf of Central Michigan University
Chapter 11Charter Schools
Chapter 12HIPAA
12-1HIPAA: Organization for Compliance
12-2HIPAA: Hybrid Entity Defined
12-3HIPAA: Notice of Privacy Practices
12-4HIPAA: Reporting and Investigating Privacy and Security Incidents/Complaints
12-5HIPAA: Breach Notification
12-6HIPAA: Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information
12-7HIPAA: Contingency Plans for Electronic Protected Health Information
12-8HIPAA: Workforce Security and Information Access
12-9HIPAA: Protecting Electronic Personal Health Information
12-10HIPAA: Sanctions for Breach of Privacy and Security of PHI
12-11HIPAA: Individual Rights
12-12HIPAA: Psychotherapy Notes
12-13HIPAA: Safeguards
12-14HIPAA: Maintenance of PHI
Chapter 13Miscellaneous
13-2CMU Printing Policy
13-3Service Animal Policy
13-4Assistance Animals in University Housing
13-5Animals on Campus
13-6Animal Research Occupational Health and Safety Program
13-7Adoption of Research Animals (IACUC)

Other policies coming soon